About Us

Our Story

Our Company Uni-drive was first founded in the year 1987 in Singapore and later on expanded to Malaysia in 1994. Today we have distribution and service network covering Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China. We have also experience exporting worldwide to many countries like the Middle East, India, Europe, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Our core business is in the distribution of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and related hardware product. Over the Years, Uni-drive has amassed a large comprehensive stocking range of Power Transmission Product. The purpose was to be able to service customers with ready products for the ever demanding industries, thus also making it your one-stop solution for all Power Transmissions Products’ needs.

Our Products and Services

Uni-Drive supply wide range of  power transmissions products’ needs.

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  • Machining for custom made item
  • Installation and maintenance for machine equipment
  • Consultation,  design, planning and modification of machine
  • Professional engineering calculation
  • Balancing 
  • Belting – Mechanical
  • Chain
  • Cluthes & Brakes
  • Conveyors & Conveying systems
  • Couplings
  • Gears & Gear cutting
  • Pulley
  • Wire mesh

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

We have professional in line of Mechanical Power Transmission Products and related hardware product. Besides, We also have more than 30 years experience in this market.

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