URC coupling

UNIDRIVE URC COUPLING is designed for general-purpose use. It is available in both Pilot bore and Taper Bushing design. Taper bushing allows quick and easy installation. The coupling’s power capacities are balanced to the appropriate shaft diameter.

Following are the characteristics of the coupling:

Resilience: Transient peak loads are reduced by a flexible element, deflection of which is a prime design consideration.

Misalignment: Incidental parallel, angular, axial displacement of the connecting shafts can be accommodated.

Installation: Is quick and easy without special tools, only a hexagonal wrench is required.

Maintenance: Is virtually eliminated and no lubricant is required.

Environment: The nitrite rubber component makes URC suitable for use in most conditions.

Positive engagement: In the unlikely event of the flexible component being destroyed, the drive will be maintained by the interaction of jaws, which are integral part of the flanges.



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