Torque limiter (TL) with coupling share

UNI-DRIVE TORQUE LIMITER are designed for machines with chain, gear or belt drives to prevent overloading of sensitive motors, gearboxes and machine components.

If overloading causes the level of transmitted torque to exceed the frictional torque between the two friction discs, which is created by the tension of the disc spring, the coupling slips and forcibly breaks the connection between the driving and driven side. When the torque subsequently falls to a level below that of the frictional force, the friction discs re-engage and torque transmission without backlash resumes.

High-quality torque limiting couplings, fully-machined components with a special rustproof surface coating. This prevents dirt from contaminating the interior. UNI-DRIVE Torque limiter coupling allows countless adjustment of the required slip torque, even when already installed.

Available  size: UL200 to UL700



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