Timing pulley bar

UNI-DRIVE TIMING PULLEY BAR comes with different types of selection to match different types of timing belts, such as Imperial selection, HTD selection and etc.

● Robotics – Industrial, medical and military
● Postal automation and warehouse fulfillment
● Welding Positioning Systems
● Semiconductor fabrication and handling
● Machine tool and precision indexing
● Packaging and food processing
● Material handling and conveying
● ATC Magazines
● Medical Automation – imaging, diagnostics, laboratory and pharmaceutical
● Rotary Tables
● AMR’s, UGV’s and mobile Robotics – light weight, compact and efficient wheel drives
● Antenna Positioners

Available type: MXL, XL, L, 03M, 05M, T02.5, TO5, T10, AT05, AT10



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